The Top Three Most Important Things On Your Wedding Day (And None of them come from Pinterest!)

If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably watched every wedding show on TLC and covered your grounds on Pinterest. I think I watched every episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Four Weddings,” along with having two wedding boards for my pinning. As I was preparing for my wedding I loved every idea I could glean, and to be honest there were so many, that at times it became overwhelming. I also didn’t have a large budget and needed to work within my family’s means. Television and the Internet became my best friend and worst enemy. There were picture perfect table décors, flowers, cakes, dresses, venues…etc that sought my attention, and there was no way I could possibly compete with the things I saw. My plastic plates and silverware, and un-elaborate table décor would have definitely docked me points on “Four Weddings.” I had to come to a point in my wedding planning where I realized that it was ok if my wedding didn’t turn out like a “Pinterest” wedding, or go the way I had planned.

When my wedding day did arrive, it was perfect! But it wasn’t because I had the best flowers, the most extravagant cake, or the best dress. The day I got married was one of the best days of my life because of three things.

First, God: Our wedding day was there to celebrate a covenant my spouse and I would make before God. To be honest, without God the day would have been in vain. God is the one who created this wonderful thing called marriage, and He is the one who sustains it. Without God the day would have been about a simple legal contract, but because my husband and I believe and put our faith in God, the day was about making a covenant before Him. It was about making a commitment of faithfulness to each other, just as God has been faithful to us. As I look back on that day, I recognize that God was glorified, and that was exactly what my husband and I desired.

Second, My spouse: Our day was so special because I was sharing it with the man I loved and desired to spend the rest of my life with. The day was full of endearing words, locked eyes, hugs and kisses, and special moments like the first look, where my dad gave him my hand, where we prayed together for our first time as husband and wife, and where we danced down the aisle officially Mr. and Mrs. The day was perfect, because I stood beside the man of my dreams, and committed to do life with him and serve the Lord with him for the rest of our lives.

Third, Family and Friends: The day we said “I do” was the best, because we were surrounded by the people we love and who love us. The entire day could not have happened without our family and friends. They were involved in every part of our wedding from the venue, food, cake, flowers, set up, DJ, video, etc. They were all a part in helping make our day memorable. As I reflect on our wedding day I have an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude for our friends and family who supported, loved, and served us on that special day.

So to be honest, when I reflect on our wedding day, I don’t think about the table décor, the flowers, the food, or my dress. I think about the God who was represented, the man I gave my life to, and the people who came along side us to love and support us.

When I think about that day, my heart is so very full!


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